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Finding A Venue Has Never Been Easier

We manage the whole venue process so you can enjoy the event itself… Free of charge!



Ever wished you could just hand over all the work involved in finding a venue or organising a conference?

Do you need to find a conference venue for 500 or a meeting room for 2?

Do you find yourself spending time out of your day answering questions about the event you have booked?

Sounds like you could use the help of a Conference Venue Finder.


Why You Really Should Use A Professional  Venue Finder

  • Wave goodbye to worrying about booking the next conference
  • Nothing to pay for with our free venue finding service
  • Giving you back time so you can concentrate on your other tasks
  • Huge buying power so you will always get the best deal
  • Strong relationships with venues so you know everything will go smoothly
Venue finders - Michelle Smith

Use a conference venue finder and save an average of 30% on venue bookings!

Added Value For Charity Client

We have been working with an international charity for over 10 years and are still continuing to provide massive time and cost savings for them. Sometimes it’s not the obvious reduction in DDR’s and 24 hour rates that always offer the value. For many years we have used the same hotel and the client didn’t want to move so we have this year achieved additional savings for the client by negotiating set up the day prior for no charge as well as upgraded breaks and complimentary overnight stays for trainers and organisers. The venue was happy because we have negotiated on a 3 year deal for them and the client, so everyone was happy.

Saved a client over £150,000

We were able to apply this experience when we were contacted by a health and safety training company to help them with their weekly training events. They were paying a number of hotel groups £35-£45 day delegate rate excluding VAT. Focus consolidated the number of hotel groups used and negotiated a rate of £25.00 day delegate rate inclusive of VAT this gave them between 44% – 57% saving per person!. Over 12 months this represented a saving of more than £150,000!

Quick..We need a venue in 4 weeks time!!

So the brief from the boss is that you have 4 weeks to find a conference venue for 300 people, including bedrooms and free car parking and you don’t have any time to spend looking around dozens of potential options, trolling websites to find if they are suitable, if they have availability and if the price is right? Then do what Fujitsu did and call Focus! Within 48 hours of them being in touch with a brief we’d contacted over 30 different venues, sourced a perfect option which ticked all the boxes and negotiated one fabulous rate! Job done….and we made you look good!

Venue Finders That Are FREE…. Where’s The Catch?

How can you offer a free venue finding service?

Like all venue finding agencies, we get paid a commission by the venues we book.

This must increase the rates?

Not at all. We book a LOT of events every year and this gives us the buying power to get you the best rates.

Where do you find venues?

We find venues all over the world. In fact if you are looking for a venue finder London then we have been getting some amazing deals on conference and meeting rooms.

Can I still be involved in the booking process?

Yes, you can be involved as much as you wish we are working for you.

Can I visit the venues?

Absolutely, in fact, we actively encourage you to experience all the elements of the shortlisted/preferred places, especially the elements that are particular to your events such as food and an overnight experience. Focus will organise this for you complimentary and if required attend with you to ensure you get the best experience that the venue can offer. Some of the conference venues we use.

Do you just book conferences and meetings?

No, we do everything involved in meetings and conferences. We have exclusive rates on audiovisual, team building activities, incentive travel & corporate hospitality. We can also manage the event for you. You can see some Client testimonials for a few of our happy clients.

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